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JesExtender Overview ™



Penis Extender features: long term penis enlargement
Extender Type: Penile traction device
Extender Grade: medical Type 1
Extender material: Plastic skin-Safe & quality brass

Average gains (inch)

Length: 1-3 inches in 6 months
Girth: 0,5 – 1 Inch within 6 months

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Product Rating

The good:

The JesExtender brings you different things. Besides the fact that the most popular device of its kind, is also one of the highest quality male enhancement JesExtender products on the market today. This device are medically designed to avoid all the pitfalls of older, inferior devices.

That you can get with the JesExtender pays 3 inches in length and 1 inch in circumference, all within 6 short months or she twice the amount that you paid. That is a huge 200% money back guarantee, not much extender products offers a solid warranty if the Jes-Extender.

The bad:

The only possible negative when it comes to the JesExtender would the price. While the more expensive models run higher than some other brands, you really get what you pay for. The price that you are considering before you prevent the Extender Jes late, remember two things.

One is that a "starter" version of their classic JesExtender product, specifically aimed at men who want the best, but maybe can't afford a deluxe device has carefully created. Also remember that devices that are often tantalizingly low priced to low results, low rates of satisfaction, and at their worst, injury and mutilation.

The Bottom Line

JesExtender has a long history of producing some of the absolute best male enhancement devices on the market. They use advanced medical science to design this extension, and make them with careful attention to safety and comfort.

Whether you choose to start with the lower priced "budget" model or go for a higher priced model, you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality device that is safe and has clinical evidence of the results that they can deliver. Once you through the options for that this device can offer you read, you'll see why the JesExtender is a good choice for enlargement of the penis.

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Full Review

Simply put, the JesExtender started it all. The company behind it has done groundbreaking work the male enhancement industry for more than a decade, they earn the confidence of users and medical professionals. In fact, the JesExtender was designed with medical knowledge. It is a traction device, and it is important to realize how important that is.

Traction devices are the only penis enlargement devices on the market that clinically proven results. No other method can prove itself. False testimonies and dazzling, eye-catching ads can no makeup for clinical data, and there are plenty of clinical data behind the Jes-Extender.

What comes with the Jes-Extender?

Instructional DVD

The instructional DVD is included in all the Jes Extender packages, in comes in 6 different languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese. The DVD will show you how to mount and use the Jes Extender device corretly.

Silicone hose

This is the classic Transparent silicone hose. For the classical confirmation of the front in the front hole. The silicone hose is less irritating in comparison with other devices, however, you need to use carefully to avoid damaging your penis.

Path Protection

Protection Path foam ring with a snug fit. The protection path unlike the silicone hose is designed for more protection, it will not damage your penis or let all brands.

Custom Velcro

Custom Velcro for the front slot, the Velcro band was designed for confirming the protection path for precise pressure. It is very easy to use, you can easily adjust the band to make it more comfortable.

Comfort strap

White Comfort loops for the front slot, just like the Velcro the Comfort strap is also designed for confirming your penis with the path of the protection. It is simple to use and makes the penis enlargement 100% safe.

The JesExtender works by traction to the penis to apply. Traction stretching produces. This stretch is very gradually and is not uncomfortable in any way. Stretching ensures that split the cells apart, or distribute. When cells divide, multiply them too, essentially cloning themselves. Over time, this process of creating new cells leads to a very noticeable increase in penis length and girth.

It also increases stamina, because the tissue within the penis that fill with blood during an erection are responsible for are the ones to be multiplied. More of these cells lead to stronger, harder and more prolonged erection.

The concept of traction stretching is identical to the functioning of weightlifting. When we exercise our muscles are slightly stretched. They get bigger because cells divide and multiply to these microscopic holes, or tears, to fill in the muscle tissue. This process is called cytokinesis in the medical field. If you've ever lifted weights and noticed your arms over time grow taller, have you seen how effective this process is in increasing the size and strength.

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How reliable is Jes-Extender?


JesExtender is, simply put, one of the most reliable penis enlargement devices on the market today. It was one of the very first to use traction, and the design contains the latest scientific findings in the field of male enhancement. With more than 250,000 customers worldwide and an increase in the average size of 28% for length, and 19% for Singel.

It takes on average, generally a man between a few weeks to a few months to see growth. You can if you want your JesExtender for so long, although itself grow to more than nine inch is discouraged because of uncomfortable sex. The results that you see are permanent. This is not a temporary inflammation caused by a cheap penis pump. Your results you'll get from the JesExtender are forever.

The 200% money back guarantee is a strong indication of the effectiveness of the product. Not many companies today put such a guarantee on their products. The makers of the JesExtender want you from the very beginning that they stand behind their product be ensured. Would they do that if it was an inferior product? Definitely not. Using the JesExtender is literally guaranteed to give you growth in length and girth.

Together with the drive size increases, you will also see an increase in stamina. All put together, these gains will certainly turn into increased confidence, too! Become a better lover without even trying, because you'll be less inhibited by doubt and worry during intimacy.

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Customer Support

With your purchase of the JesExtender comes you free access to e-customer support not covered by a standard letter is answered personally. You also get access to the online customer forum, where you will find ideas, tips and experiences with other users can exchange. Always keep in mind that each new ideas or tips that you receive a user cannot be taken as medical advice. Confidence that the company itself.

Double money back guarantee

With a product there is always a small chance that it will somehow fall below expectations. To ensure such an incident, have the creators of the JesExtender the amazing double refund on their product. If you the simple steps that are described in the warranty, you can twice your money back. This is rare, and it is a sign of how much confidence that the makers of the JesExtender in their product.

The big decision

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Ultimately, the decision of which device to buy male enhancement is yours. If you have a little bit of research on what can happen if you choose an inferior device choose, you see immediately why the JesExtender is an excellent choice. Nothing can replace real medical design and high quality materials.

Your penis enlargement can significantly contribute to your sex life, as well as your daily life. Given the potential benefits and the risks of a cheap penis extender try, it is easy to see that the JesExtender is a great choice. you have nothing to lose you can only profit.

Start the transformation today, get your JesExtender directly from the official website. Take a look at the prices & packages below.

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