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Penis Enlargement Can Fix A Curved Penis?

8 1 MaleEdge is a doctor-approved for the treatment of a very common condition called Peyronie's disease in which the penis is abnormally bends. Peyronie's disease affects up to 5% of the men. However, even more men experienced some slight curvature of the penis.

It is normal that the penis to bend slightly in one direction, usually up and to the left or right. Severe cases of Peyronie's can lead to serious complications such as painful erections, difficulties ejaculate, and cause painful sex for the partner. While the mild cases of bent penis are not serious, it is still best to not leave them untreated.

What causes a Penis Bend?

Within the penis, there are three tubes: two for the implementation of blood and one for urine. These tubes are surrounded by an elastic for the tunica. When you get an erection, extends the tunica. When it is pulled tight, it is what makes your penis feels hard. A healthy will extend evenly so that your penis is straight tunica when upright.

If the tunica is stretched out to its maximum size during erection, it is very vulnerable to injury. If it gets injured, as being bent during erection, it can lead to cracks. These tears are cured with scar tissue. The scar tissue is not as flexible as the rest of the tunica. When the penis is erect, it won't stretch more evenly. Instead, it will curve the penis on the area where the scar tissue has built up.

Forecast for curved Penis

Unfortunately, a curved penis usually will get worse over time. This is because a curved penis is more likely to be damaged during sex than an erect penis. Further, the tunica is weak in the area where the scar tissue has built up because of the uneven stretching. Even a mild curve to the penis can become the Peyronie's disease over time, which can result in impotence or other sexual problems.

How to repair a curved Penis

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Treatment of a curved penis is pretty simple with MaleEdge penis extender. You put your penis in the penis extension device, rather than with a strap that goes over the shaft just under the head to secure. The penis extender applies a slight amount of tension to the penis, causing it to stretch outwards.

Stretching of the MaleEdge device ensures that your penis cells to space apart. The space between these cells is completed in accordance with the new cell growth. This makes your penis to be larger and wider. It will also lead to the area of scar tissue too thin in relation to the new, healthy cells that are fulfilled in his stead. In clinical studies, penis extenders were shown that reduction of the curvature of the penis with about 70%. The only other options for the treatment of curved penises are to inject a chemical substance in the penis to break the scar tissue or surgically remove the scar tissue. Compared with these options, MaleEdge is the easiest and safest option to straighten your penis.

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