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Smokers Have A Smaller Penis

Smoking as long as it is identical to the problem of impotence in men. Now a study finds a penis of men who smoke tend to be smaller than non-smokers. In a study conducted at the University of Kentucky researchers assess the participant's sex life with a scale of 1-10. Found male who smoked on average have lower sex life rather than non-smokers. Meanwhile, there are also some other evidence shows smoking affects erection size, as well as the penis of men who smoke are significantly smaller than the people who do not smoke. "In addition to damaging blood vessels, smoking can also cause tissue damage the penis itself so less elastic and prevents stretching," said Irwin Goldstein, MD, a urologist from Boston University Medical Center, was quoted as saying of Menshealth, Saturday (29/9/2012). If this is the case then continued in the end can cause impotence. Toxic chemicals from smoking will go into blood vessels in the body that later contribute to impotence. However smoking not only causes problems in the penis alone but also affect the sperm. Smoking has been shown to cause sperm production abnormality such as a reduced amount as well as endanger mortilitas or the ability of sperm to move. If sperm are moving slow then it will face difficulty to enter the cervical mucus and penetrates the outer skin of the egg cell, the result, he could not move and unable to fertilize the egg. For it if a man wants to have a satisfying sexual life and penis size that does not shrink, then the best advice is to stop smoking, exercise and healthy life patterns. If you have penis size problem, You need to try products bellow:

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