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Is The Penis Secure?

Is penis enlargement safe?

Penis has existed since the beginning of time. Even in the golden age of Greek society, 3000 years ago, men used all kinds of techniques to enlarge their penises. These include add weights to the penis and thus by gravity as a means to extend. Some 300 years ago then appeared pumps of enlargement of penis rudimentary, using vacuum as a means of drawing blood into the penis as an aid for erectile dysfunction. These rudimentary devices users began to notice that their penises were getting larger and ever since men have been obsessed with making your manhood larger by this method.

Unfortunately, despite modern advances in materials, the basic technology of vacuum pumps has changed very little in the 300 years. Then, in 2006, introduced Bathmate and completely revolutionized the way in which men do the penis in the most sophisticated in the world. UltraMax engineers found that most penis pumps worked very well, they broke down after few sessions and that against proof of use were expensive devices and a high degree that unfortunately could cause great damage to the penis if used incorrectly - some even if used correctly.

The patented design of the Bathmate now makes penis safe and easy to use, because unlike the traditional vacuum pumps, the Bathmate uses water as half empty to create the penis. Through the use of hot water, especially in the shower or the bath, loose their tissue, allowing further growth and to minimize the damage that could occur otherwise. You can compare to the formation of weight out of winter, cold muscles would suffer, resulting in strains and injury even if same.

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Then, why is Bathmate secure?

Three key factors are the reasons why Bathmate works so well and is regarded as the penis enlargement device more secure on the market today.

1. Firstly, the medium is used water. Water creates a vacuum that is highly controllable and also lubricates and cushions the penis during erection. This not only makes away with gels messy, expensive, also protects the penis and prevents damage.

2. Secondly, the design of the bellows (the part of the Bathmate rubber) not allows you to overcome the threshold of negative pressure of 0.4 bar. Compare that with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of United States) which States that any device that uses more than 0.56 bar negative pressure in penis pumps must pass tests of the FDA and approval before can be sold in the United States. Similar rules apply equally in Europe and around the world. Also, the Bathmate has a large padded area on which rests the unit to create and maintain negative pressure. This avoids that the unity of hurting your pelvic area or damage your skin. Our tests have shown that the pumps that provide only a minimum protection for the skin can cause significant damage, while some can literally penetrate the skin of the user if the pressure is too high. Think of it this way; in one of our experiments we have purchased 10 penis pumps. These were made up of hand pumps, electrically operated pumps and pumps trigger gun penis, that all of whom, then, we put through our test of melon. Melon test was performed using a melon (as the name suggests) because a melon has similar properties as human skin; rough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Eight of the proven penis pumps penetrated the skin of the melon. Another seriously damaged the surface of the melon, leaving visible marks and "Melon Bleed", and the tenth penis pump, the electric one, had generated so much pressure that literally sank in the melon. We try a 11th bomb, Bathmate penis, and with maximum negative pressure pump had caused no harm to the melon.

3. The third and finally the reason why the Bathmate is as safe to enlarge his penis is based on solid medical evidence and careful study of how the penis. After all, leading urologists worldwide would hardly say that it is safe to use if that were not the case. A leading urologist in New York has gone even public radio to say that as safe to use Bathmate has hanging in his shower and used himself on a regular basis. It also recommends that other men to do the same to maintain healthy penis. Compare this to the side effects and adverse medical outcomes of drug use, which does not enlarge the penis and can cost lots of money.

So gentlemen, now that you have the information that you can make their own minds. Is the penis secure? The answer is Yes, it is safe, but only if it is done correctly and with the right product. Bathmate is designed to do that, and why Bathmate justifies the title: King of penis pumps.

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The benefits of Bathmate

  • Increase the length of your penis
  • Increase the thickness of your penis
  • Earn volume quickly
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Straighten bent penises
  • Increase your penis head
  • Help you last longer in bed
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Money back guarantee
  • Discreet shipping by Amazon

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