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Buying Tips For Penile Extender

Buying Tips for Penile Extender

If there are a large number of choices when it comes to buying a penis extender. The following article is the sole purpose for men to make the best decision when buying a penis extender. There are many different variants, prices and especially qualities of penile extenders. It is the hope of this article and that you are the best decision PEGym !

penile extender buying tips

Several tips to share, hopefully allowing you the smarter shopper. Based on my own experiences, and read on the trials and tribulations of colleague extender users the following are considerations that I feel are significantly important when considering the many options available in the penis/penile extenders

1. it comes with extra parts?

As several rod lengths so you can "build" to your flaccid length, and as you grow, add extra penis length. We know why people buy penis, but can you imagine that is so long, that you think you buy are too short to fit? You can order replacement parts if necessary? Watch what comes with it. If you think extra loops, straps, pads, comfort pillows etc., or need replacement parts.

2. Give some thought and research in the vest extender restraint systems mechanism and method.

This is of crucial importance. It's all about comfort. With or without a penis foreskin is important. There is the silicon tube Sling to loop over the shaft, just behind the head or Glans. There are some extenders that use a belt, about an inch wide, who also just behind the Glans is attached. There are some extenders that use of one or both noose & belt. There are add on parts that change your extender so that it uses a vacuum sleeve connected mount. You fasten in flaccid. Some extenders provide padding, foam wraps so you wrap around the shaft a protective layer. There are lots of forum posts to show other alternatives for comfort during exercise the penis easier.

3. instructions.

This is a difficult thing to shop for. Is there a forum user or a 800 number for manufacturers support? Visit your favorite penis enlargement forum website and see what you can control. Visit YouTube and do several searches for penis enlargement, the manufacturers name, see what is posted in the video departments. You can discover things to be on the lookout for. It comes with a CD of information, PDF files, videos for the user.

4. how the one wearing the appropriate fits for?

This would be impossible to tell which extender websites I've seen. However, I would like to point out some facts for your cooperation. Generally a fastens to place in a extender, and adjusts the tension or pull on the penis. It is the penis stretching process. But how much pull do I use?

Some extenders have "calibrated" springs and lines inscribed to indicate the force that is used for applying the penis stretch. We need rules for 600 gm, 1200 gm, gm 1800. Others have different gram values.


600 gm = 1 lb 5.16 oz

1200 gm = 2 lb 10.32 oz some penis enlargement extenders to give just an example schema "Add x mm every two weeks".

Or to fit other criteria, based on comfort, length, or a combination thereof.

And when will you change these adjustments? Do you need to build and adapt? So depending on designs that you go with, are there aspects that you need to deal with. This is where your forum members can help.

5. money back guarantee?

They are out there. Google around to see if you can find that responds to who and who is not. Has the seller/manufacturer have a warranty period if a part breaks? This is where the price variance for extenders come to play. Buy a $ 59.95 Internet special, it breaks, you throw it out, for example.

6. What do you have as a spending limit.

You can only determine and adjust that if you shop around and see which brand of extender sells for what price. In many cases, it seems to be an experience "get what you pay for", although many men are able to cheaper extenders work very well for them, this is a decision you will have to make if the buyer. Comment:

When I put my toe in the water, and bought a "special Internet", I couldn't get long enough to get attached. I had to actually take to make it shorter sharing. It was not fun. There were no instructions. It hurt for a while to wear it, but I was determined to have a much larger penis. Later I bought a more expensive extender with many more options.

7. use the Forums of the Penis

Hopefully this will save you some heartbreak, headache, and regrets of have not done your homework.

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