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Squeeze Penis

The Squeeze penis will explode your chest circumference and allow you to bring your wife to orgasm!

For most women circumference is greater than the length of sexual satisfaction. It is because the first two inches of the vaginal tract contains the most nerve endings and a thick penis is necessary to stimulate this area. The technique of squeeze penis increases the circumference of the thicker erections!

The squeeze is a special exercise to increase the circumference. In the weeks therefrom, you begin to notice a difference! To run this exercise, you will need to have an erection full (there no need lubrication with it).

a. long penis Squeeze

Enter your penis with the thumb and first base so far in your body as possible. Kegel exercise difficult and then tighten so that blood is forced to the tree, and your penis is fully engorged (veins along your penis will be swelling and head will really bright when done correctly).

This position for a count of 30. You can move your hand forward a case for increasing the pressure while you count. After 30 seconds release your grip and shake on your penis for a few seconds. Then, get another full erection and repeat.

During each squeeze should contract the muscles of your PC to get the maximum strength of blood. This exercise gives you the maximum of your penis pressure so that you must be careful. You want as much blood as possible force without damage.

Keep alert for any sign of pain or small red spots. The spots are tiny burst capillaries and harmless stop just the exercise until they disappear (usually a few days). And then drag on the pressure and start again slowly.

b. Squeeze of short penis

Enter your penis with the thumb and first base so far in your body as possible. Kegel exercise difficult and then squeeze and milk to the penis on one inch tree so that the blood is forced the tree and your penis is fully engorged. Release and encircle your penis around the base again immediately, Kegel exercise difficult and repeat. This should be performed as a short Jelqing move.

Rotate the two methods use squeeze long and short in each training session in the first place. Both are equally effective if you find that you prefer a method more go ahead and use it but the passage to the other method from time to time for the variety.

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