SizeGenetics is a medically and clinically proven method of penile enlargement. Using the proven method of traction therapy, SizeGenetics increases penis length and girth, but can also be an effective treatment for Peyronies disease, as well as correcting curvature of the penis.

The high-quality durable device also bears the European CE mark, and it is classified as a Type 1 medical device. The device comes with 6 month money back guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics works using a traction device that stretches the penis, causing cells to multiply and divide. This process causes new cell growth, which expands tissue, resulting in penis length and girth growth. Over a length of time, the penis begins to become longer and thicker.

Using the same principle of extending body parts as those utilized in African and Amazonian tribes to lengthen necks and ear lobes, as well as modern technology that orthopedists use today to lengthen arms and legs, SizeGenetics offers one of the most reliable and effective methods of penis extension available.

What’s Included?

The SizeGenetics device is available in several different models. Shipping is free, and there is an available upgraded warranty for an additional $40.00.

1. Ultimate System. Price $389.85

  • Medical Type 1 Device
  • Online access to DVD sex guides
  • PenisHealth exercise DVD
  • Comfort add on strap
  • High Tension level
  • Spare parts
  • Travel Case
  • Discreet Case
  • $50 discount ECON8
  • Gains up to 3 inches

2. Good Gain. Price $350.00

  • Medical Type 1 Device
  • High Tension level
  • Comfort Strap
  • Spare Parts
  • Discreet Case
  • Gains up to 3 inches

3. Standard Gains. Price $199.95

  • Medical Type 1Device
  • Comfort Strap
  • Gains up to 1 inch

Testing and Endorsements

Numerous professionals support the SizeGenetics device, including Dr. Jorne Ege Siana, MD Specialist in Plastic Surgery and founder and director of the Scandinavian Institute for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D., a leading Specialist in Plastic Surgery, also endorses the SizeGenetics device. Additionally, Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy. D. RCP, world renowned Doctor of Clinical Psychology, recommends the device for your patients.

Furthermore, clinical studies have yielded results proving the effectiveness and durability of SizeGenetics for male enhancement. The clinical study of 18 participants ranging in ages from 23-47 using the device showed an increase in penis size by up to 30%. The average results reflected participants wearing the device for 1100 hours at 1200g traction force gaining 1.1 inch in penis length.


  • Up to 30% increase in size
  • Permanent results
  • Fully medically endorsed (Medical Type 1 Device)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Offer Free Device if you send in a testimony
  • Growth of up to 1.1 inches in about one and a half months


  • Priced much higher than similar products
  • Some discomfort during initial use
  • May cause skin irritation
  • No warranty on product quality offered, unless you buy an upgrade for an additional $40

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SizeGenetics is one of the most effective male enhancement devices available that increases penis size up to 30%, boosts stamina, enhances sex drive, provides solid erections, and gives overall confidence in sexual performance. The device is relatively expensive when compared to similar products; however, it’s proven to be effective and yields visible results on average within a month.